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Long time

Wow, hey everyone! Or whoever is reading this. It's been a wicked long time since I posted on live journal. Hm, what's been going on? Well, I'm not in school at the moment. I am looking for a job. But I do babysit here in Rhode Island. (if anyone needs a babysitter).

I'm getting a huge tax return from federal and state, so all of it's going into the bank. I was suppose to move back to Chicago in October, but that failed. Oh, I forgot to mention that I spent some time in the windy city over the summer. It was fun. Though I didn't get a chance to chill with Ursla or Eli. I was suppose to when I moved back in Oct., but hopefully another time.

Truthfully, I miss that city, but I don't miss one of the people there. Hm...When I do go back to Chi...there's Eli, Tara, Ursla, Sydney, Julia, and a bunch more I know/gonna chill with. I'm looking forward to going again this summer. w00t w00t!

I also wanna make plans to go to Washington D.C to visit another old friend and his partner. Argh, so many plans but so little cash. So if anyone knows of a job that I could get, that would be FABULOUS!

What else is going on? Hm, my bffl is getting married this May on the 23rd. Wicked nervous about it. We've been friends our whole lives. It's almost like my little sister is getting married. EEEEP! I should ask my girfriend(yes, I also have a girlfriend) if she wants to go with me.

Hm, nothing much else is going on. I'm almost 20. My teen years are on the countdown!!

Anyway, I'll try to log back on again soon enough. I need to change my profile picture. Look me up on facebook!


Life Update

Hey everyone! What's up? It's been crazy for me lately. I currently don't have a job but hopefully that'll change very soon. I was making plans with a "friend" of mine about moving up to Chicago and living and working up there then come back in Jan. But nope! This person said that they didn't want me as a roommate.

So, if you live up in Chicago and want a roommate, lemme know please! Or up in Boston, Mass or surrounding areas. ((PLEASE! I really need to get out of Rhode Island.)

But anyway, what else is going on? Hmm, I'm going by male pronouns now and I have a "girlfriend" in a sense. I guess. Not sure what we are at the moment.

That's basically my life at the moment. Besides fighting with my ma, there isn't much more. I know, my life is rather boring and I don't like.

Save my boring life!

Has it been that long!?!?

I feel like it's been forever since I've posted. But I'm back. Loads have happened in the past few months. Right now I am way to tired to go into that many details.

Lay down;

1) I started dating a best friend of mine; we broke up; we're no longer friends.

2) I'm starting CCRI this Fall...I think...?

3) I started talking to another ex of mine. Which is good.

4) I just got home from a short visit to Chicago. Ran into a few people I know. Got a tattoo.


Hey everyone! Long time no talk.

I just celebrated my 19th birthday last Wednesday and let's just say I had a day that would make any Gemini happy!

Quick low down;

1) Started out great, got $$ from my mom and a tie from my bffl.

2) Got out of school early and picked up my pay check. Which is good because the night before I only had 10 cents to my name.

3) Went to YPI and had a bunch of people wish my a happy birthday. Got attacked by my mentor.

4) Fought with my mother.

5) Hung out with two of my best friends and some random kid.

6) Got into a major fight with one of my bffls that I'm dating about commitment.

7) Basically smoked half a pack of cigs from stress.

8) Went home and hung out with a few other friends.

9) Had a few drinks and cake.

10) Well, I won't say the next thing that happened. Let's just say I had GREAT theopy.

So yeah. A mixture of Dark and Light.

A true Gemini I am!
<input ... >

105 truths redone.

My 105 Truths:

time started:10:35

1. real name - Sam
2. single or taken - Single and HAPPY!
3. like anyone - No.
4. zodiac sign - Gemini
5. male or female - Genderqueer.
6. elementary school- I went to a few.
7. middle school- Riverside Middle School.
8. high school: East Providence Senior High.
9. eye color - Brown.
10. hair color - Dark brown.
11. favorite number- 2.
12. favorite sport - playing? Baseball - GO RED SOX
13. favorite drink - Tea.
14. favorite song - Hrm....I like a lot of songs.
15. are you a health freak - Not really.
16. height - 5'6
17. do you have a crush on someone?: Nope.
18. do you like yourself? I adore myself.
19. piercings- Ears, nose, lip.
20. tattoos - Boston B.
21. righty or lefty - Righty.

22. first surgery - My upper lip.
23. first piercings- Earlopes.
24. first best friend/friends- Kar an Jaime.
25. first award - Reading Award.
26. first sport - Tag.
27. first pet - Cat.
28. first vacation - Virginia and Washington D.C a few years ago.
29. first teacher- No idea.
30. first crush - Angel in second grade.

35. last kiss - A few days ago.
36. last song- "Maxwell Murder" Rancid
38. last plane ride- Last summer to San Francisco..well..actually...back to RI.
39. last vacation - Last summer - San Francisco.
40. last fight - Yesterday with my mom.
41. last message on myspace- No idea.
42. last car ride -Sunday with Nikki.
43. last thing you bought- A lighter.
44. last thing you ate? Noodles.
45. last thing you drank- Tea.
46. last on your top friends- Forgot.
47. last movie you saw - Better Than Chocolate.

49. eating - Nothing.
50. drinking - Tea.
51. im about to - Get more tea.
52. listening to- "Old Friend" Rancid
53. waiting for - the bathroom
54. wearing - Boxers.

55. want kids- Maybe.
56. want to get married - Maybe. If I find "the one."
57. where do you want to live? - Boston, Massachusetts.
58. Where do you want to go to college? Hmmm....URI or BU.
60. how many kids? Maybe two.
61. still talk to parents? Not really.
62. want to be rich? - I don't want to be poor.
63. want to be famous? - Not really. Unless I'm dating k.d lang.
64. Will there be flying cars? Maybe.
65. What about underground living? Not for me.
66. kids names- Xander, Edan, Xavier, Katherine, Dawn, Fenway.
67. careers in mind- Social Worker

68. lips or eyes - Both.
69. hugs or kisses - Both.
70. shorter or taller - Taller.
71. tan skinned or light- Either or.
72. romantic or spontaneous- Both.
73. dark or light hair - Dark.
74. muscular or normal - Normal.
75. hook ups or relationship - Depends on the sit.
76. similar to you or different - I want someone to have some interests as me. But have their own personality.
77. trouble maker or goody - Trouble maker to an extent.

78. kissed a stranger - Quite a few times.
79. got drunk - HELL YEAH.
80. broken a bone - Nope.
82. broken someones heart - Yep.
83. turned someone on - Haha, yep!
84. done drugs - Nope.
85. liked a friend as more than a friend - *sigh* Shut up.

86. yourself - Yep.
87. miracles - Jah. Have you meet me? It's mircale I'm still alive.
88. Easter Bunny - Crack Baby.
89. Santa Claus - Hate that guy. I'm still waiting for my Tonka trucks!
90. Sex on the first date - Depends.
91. angels - I believe in Gaurdian Angels.

92. Is there one or more person you want to be with right now? ...........
93. Are you on Myspace a lot? Nope.
94. Are you cool? Like ice.

95. Text message - James.
96. Recieved call - Mom.
97. Call made - Stump.
98. Comment on myspace- Some girl name Jess.
99. Missed Call - Mom.
100. Person you hung out with - James.
101. You hugged - Mark.
103. You IMed - Kris.
104. You slapped - James.
105. Time finished- 10:42

Harry Potter

This past week, I had school vocation and spent whatever free time I had between work, volunteering, and avoiding home reading the Harry Potter series. I'm only half way through the second book. I know, I'm going so slow with it. But thankfully, I have tomorrow off of work and most likely I'll be spending it reading. Before or after I get under my tongue pierced.

But anyway, peace y'all. I'm going to read. \m/

Boston, MA

So, on Friday I went to Boston for a few hours to relieve some of my stress levels. It helped somewhat.

I'm not going to list my whole life story to you. That's idiotic. Here's a basic lay down.

1) I've been called "Sir" so many times, I've lost count. Even at work.

2) When I was in Boston, I used the men's room because it felt right to me. I didn't get attacked and (hopefully) no one noticed that I'm a bio-female.

3) I had the chance to talk to a really great friend of mine. Missed him loads.

4) Couldn't find MTPC for the life of me.

5) Funny story: My ex has a new gf barely 2 months after we broke up and has completely fallen in love with her. (Jaime's on the phone: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" in a crazy Dominican way.). I agree with him.

But anyway, to end this painful blog quickly, one last word of wisdom: People are psycho if they tell you they love you after one week. Run...away...NOW.

More, More, More

Now that the warmer weather is finally here in New England, minus the still chilly nights, I've been thinking of getting the inner tubes of my tires fixed on my bike so I can go riding more often.

Even though I'm planning on getting a car soon, I would much rather be riding my bike and taking public transportation (which I do more than anything else in the fucking world!). But anyway, it's getting late.

P.S There is no private shit!

My new piercings.

Relaxing in the Captain's Chair

Hey everyone! I'm relaxing at the youth org. I volunteer at and decided to post an entry. I'm sitting in my mentor's Captain's chair listening to 80s music. I'm kinda pumped. It's Friday afternoon and I don't have to be at Shaw's AND I finished all my volunteer work. GO ME!

Tonight I'm going to see a play with Youth Pride, Inc. YPI is Rhode Island's state wide drop in center for Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning youth and young adults ages 13 to 23. It's a fun place to be when you're not trying to slap customers in the face for being idiots or working 6 or 7 hour shifts just in general.

Moving on though, I got my lip done on Wednesday. I'll post pictures soon. I know you'll like it my fellow cheese-whizzes.

Logging off the Captain's Chair, ttyl!

((I feel both sassy and dorky today)).


It's queer, you know...to live this life.

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